Our Third and Fourth

I had always had a plan. I knew from a very early age that I wanted to be a mother. I will never forget my senior year of high school in 12th grade English class, sitting in a circle going around sharing what our hopes/goals were in 10 years.  I sat and listened as peer … Continue reading Our Third and Fourth


Loving A Person

I'll follow my last post with this. When Jeff and I got married we needed a "Wedding Song" for our first dance. We didn't have one and I remember my friend Lacy suggesting this one. I listened to it a couple times and thought, alright, sounds pretty good and I think we can do a … Continue reading Loving A Person

that little moment

Have you ever experienced something, heard something or been through something that completely rocked your world?  Maybe it was something huge, a tragedy, pain, suffering... maybe it was something small... a moment, a conversation, a realization... The way the Lord works continues to astonish me.  The way He orchestrates our lives to reveal things to … Continue reading that little moment